International Opportunities

Discover a world of opportunities to enhance your expertise in the field of aging through international learning programs. Engage in enriching experiences such as studying gerontology at top universities in Costa Rica, participating in aging research projects in Japan, or attending global conferences on aging and health. These opportunities not only broaden your knowledge but also provide invaluable cultural perspectives on aging and care.

Alicia and Yaya Initiative

The Alicia and Yaya Initiative in Global Aging Research is a University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) Graduate School program of research, service, and teaching in the fields of gerontology and aging.

Leveraging collaborations with the University of Costa Rica (Universidad de Costa Rica, UCR) and the InterAmerican Center for Global Health (Centro Interamericano para la Salud Global, CISG), the Alicia and Yaya Initiative in Global Aging Research provides support to UMB and UCR students and scholars to study and learn together through fellowships, collaborative learning opportunities, symposia, seed funding, and other means of financial support.

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Gerontology in Japan

The Global Health Aging: Gerontology in Japan course explores and analyzes how broader cultural norms and social institutions of contemporary Japan shape individuals’ experiences of growing older, life-stage transitions, and intergenerational relations through a life course perspective.

During the spring semester, admitted students will take part in mandatory onboarding followed by a two-week faculty-led travel experience in Japan during the summer. The course is informed by an interdisciplinary gerontological approach integrating visits to and engagement with academic (research centers and universities), business (biotech, pharmaceutical, robotics), health and medical (geriatrics, hospitals, preventative care), policy (local and prefectural government), and socio-cultural (cultural heritage, living environment, social network) sites.

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