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Through competitive proposals and negotiated agreements, faculty and students can pursue University-sponsored grants, awards, fellowships, and sponsored funds in collaboration with industry partners, government agencies, and nonprofit foundations.

Office of Research and Development

The UMB Office of Research and Development is where you’ll find a variety of funding and support to pursue your research interests.


Investigators at UMB seek and receive funding for a variety of large and small projects in research, clinical services, education, and more. Find sponsored programs guidance and investigator support in this array of resources.

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Throughout the life of your proposal and award, the Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) provides oversight and administrative support to investigators and departmental administrators.

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Dean’s Award for Research, Innovation and Scholarship Excellence (RISE)

  • The Graduate School Dean’s Award for Research, Innovation and Scholarship Excellence (RISE) provides small seed grants to full-time faculty to promote scholarship and other creative activities. For this grant opportunity, research and scholarship are defined broadly to include scholarship of discovery, integration, community engaged research and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

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The Alicia and Yaya Initiative in Global Aging Research

This initiative is a UMB Graduate School program of research, service, and teaching in the fields of gerontology and aging. Leveraging collaborations with the University of Costa Rica (Universidad de Costa Rica, UCR) and the InterAmerican Center for Global Health (Centro Interamericano para la Salud Global, CISG), the Alicia and Yaya Initiative in Global Aging Research provides support to UMB and UCR students and scholars to study and learn together through two types of fellowships as well as collaborative learning opportunities, symposia, seed funding, and other means of financial support.

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