Outstanding Mentor

Outstanding Mentor

The Graduate Student Association established the Dr. Patricia Sokolove Outstanding Mentor Award to honor those who put forth great effort in aiding and mentoring graduate students. The GSA presents the award at the Graduate School's Doctoral Hooding Ceremony in May.

Nomination Process

  1. Any graduate student can nominate a mentor. When nominating a mentor, the graduate student will be asked for the name and email address of a graduate student who will second the nomination and write a recommendation for the mentor.
  2. The above-named graduate student will also write a recommendation for the mentor.
  3. The nominee will be asked for supporting information that merits consideration for this award. * Steps 1 and 2 should be completed by the advertised deadline
  4. To nominate your mentor click here.
  5. To provide a recommendation for a nominee click here.

Check back for information on the future award nominations.

2021 Dr. Jacques Ravel, School of Medicine
2020 Dr. Owen Woodward, School of Medicine
2019 Dr. Mark Travassos. School of Medicine 
2018 Dr. Aikaterini Kontrogianni-Konstantopoulos, School of Medicine
2017 Dr. Timothy D. O'Connor, School of Medicine 
2016 Dr. Joana Silva, School of Medicine
2015 Dr. Stuart Martin, School of Medicine
2014 Dr. Ebere Onukghwa, School of Pharmacy
2013 Dr. Sue A. Thomas, School of Nursing
2012  Dr. Sharon Gordon, School of Dentistry
2011 Dr. Barbara Resnick, School of Nursing
2010 Dr. Sheila Weiss-Smith, School of Pharmacy
2009 Dr. Asaf Keller, School of Medicine
2008 Dr. Bradley Alger, School of Medicine
2007 C. Daniel Mullins, School of Pharmacy
2006 Dr. Jodi Flaws, School of Medicine
2005 Dr. Donna Harrington, School of Social Work
2004 Dr. Harry Mobley, School of Medicine.
2003 Dr. Margaret McCarthy, School of Medicine
2002 Dr. Larry Augsburger, School of Pharmacy
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