UMB to Unveil Latest Outdoor Gallery Featuring ‘1807’ Artwork

Arch Gallery, located on the west side of UMB’s Pearl Street Garage adjacent to Arch Street, is expected to be completed in late summer.

July 17, 2023 | UMB Office of Communications and Public Affairs

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) continues to beautify its campus with the artwork of its students, employees, alumni, retirees, and community members as it installs the latest outdoor gallery inspired by 1807: An Art & Literary Journal.

The new Arch Gallery, located on the west side of UMB’s Pearl Street Garage adjacent to Arch Street, will feature artwork from the third issue of 1807, published in autumn 2021. Work from the first two issues of 1807, an initiative of the UMB Council for the Arts & Culture, is displayed on Pearl Street.

“Having the opportunity to create beautiful outdoor spaces in tandem with our publications really brings the art to life in a special way,” said Dana Rampolla, UMB director of integrated marketing, creative director/managing editor of 1807, and part of the gallery planning team. ‘The chance to collaboratively design outdoor environments truly breathes life into the art.

“The artistic skill of our UMB community is undeniably showcased in this captivating new gallery,” Rampolla added. “The artwork is depicted in larger-than-life size, and the colors and types of art blend seamlessly as you move along the walkway. It is truly fulfilling to commemorate art at UMB in such a prominent and inclusive manner.”

Arch Gallery features the work of 31 artists in the categories of visual arts (painting, drawing, illustration, digital art), photography, varied media (sculpture, clay, metal, glass, textiles, jewelry, wood), and the written word. The artwork includes the cover of the issue, a photograph depicting sunrise over the remains of a pier in Nags Head, N.C., by Christopher Frisone, MSN, a certified registered nurse anesthetist and alumnus of the University of Maryland School of Nursing.

The gallery space will be complemented by a curved walkway, new accent lighting, and information to access an online copy or order a hard copy of the art journal that inspires it.

Rampolla, who is working on the gallery with Adam Weidenhammer, project manager, Office of Design and Construction, and Anthony Consoli, MArch, University architect, as well as Sykesville-based AP Graphics, expects the installation to begin soon and the new space to be complete in late summer.

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