Registration Information

Online registration takes place:

  • From April 1 until the day before the start of the Summer and Fall terms
  • From November 1 until the day before the start of the Spring term

See the Academic Calendar for additional dates. Some programs have an earlier cut-off date for registration via SURFS. Check with your program. Course registration is on a first come, first served basis, so early registration is encouraged.

If you are a new, first-time student, your program may complete your first term registration for you.

Before registering, you and your advisor are expected to engage in a discussion which will result in proper course selection. Your online registration indicates that this advisement has taken place and that you and your advisor have reviewed your course selection.

Graduate Research Assistants (GRA’s) must register for ABGA 900; Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA’s) register for ABGA 901. These are non-billable (no cost) credits. Neither ABGA 900 nor 901 credits count toward the tuition remission awarded as part of graduate assistant benefits, but they do count toward your full-time enrollment status requirement.  ABGA credits may not used to fulfill graduation requirements.  GRA's are not permitted to audit courses.

Once you have an approved plan of study for the upcoming enrollment term, you may register online via SURFS following the instructions provided online during the timetable cited above.  

Some programs place a block on your registration until you have communicated your plan of study with them.  

Error messages – if you receive a Class Restriction error, you are not eligible to register for the course.

If you encounter a Student Health, International Student, Outstanding Balance, or Title IX training Hold, you’ll need to contact the appropriate office to have the Hold removed. 

Degree-seeking students are expected to register for coursework each term (except summer term or while on an approved LOA) to maintain eligibility for the degree.

Students are expected to register for coursework each term (except summer) to maintain eligibility for a degree.  Course registrations should be undertaken before the start of each term in consultation with the students’ instructors and/or advisors.  Changes to course registrations should only be made prior to the start of the semester, when students may add or drop courses without penalty.  Following the start of the term, changes may be made only in accordance with established time­tables.  Further, students must file the necessary form(s) for registration changes with the appropri­ate university officials’ signature(s) and date(s) of approval before changes are complete or official.

Adding a Course      

After the start of the term or session, students may add a course only during the first week of instruction (end of Week 1).

Leave of Absence

Students who wish to continue in a degree program, but cannot study in a particular semester or year, must take a leave of absence with the approval of their academic advisor and the Graduate School. Students must complete a Leave of Absence Request form and present it to their program director and to the Graduate School for approval. While there is no minimum number of times a student may request a leave of absence, leaves do not extend the time required to complete degree requirements.

Withdrawing from Graduate Studies

Students who are compelled to leave their studies after the start of the term or session, including any and all courses for which they are registered that term or session, must submit a Withdrawal Request form bearing the proper signatures to the Graduate School at the time of their withdrawal or termination of studies.  The date used in computing a refund is the filing date of the document for withdrawal. Students who withdraw during a term or session and do not file a withdrawal form receive marks of failure in all courses and forfeit the right to any refund that they would otherwise receive. 

Students may withdraw for the term or session after the term or session begins by filing a withdrawal form. Mark of WD appears on the transcript opposite any/all courses. The student is eligible to register for the following semester, subject to fulfillment of all other registration requirements. The Graduate School will not authorize withdrawal from the term or dropping of all courses any later than three weeks prior to the end of the fall and spring terms and two weeks prior to the end of the summer or eight-week session. 

Students can withdraw from the University at any time following the start of the term or session; this includes withdrawal from the program and the Graduate School entirely with no intent to return.  Mark of WD appears on the transcript opposite any/all courses. Students must reapply for admission and compete with a new entering class if they want to return at a later date 

Please see the refund polices and refund schedule on the UMB Office of the Registrar website.

*Actual dates are determined each semester and session by Student Financial Services

Tuition is charged to students and applied to all instructional programs. Students admitted to the Graduate School must pay graduate tuition and fees whether the credits satisfy program requirements or not.

Complete information on payment types, payment schedules, and other related matters are available from the Office of Student Financial Services.