Gain the skills needed to apply the concepts and methods of physics to the diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

The 18-credit graduate certificate in Medical Physics is the first and only training program in Maryland of its kind. Designed for students with physics and engineering professional backgrounds, this certificate provides the training needed to pursue a career in radiological physics. The curriculum equips students with the concepts, practices and skills that professionals need to be effective in a wide range of medical physics concepts, positioning them to apply for further clinical training, in form of a Medical Physics Residency. The certificate program coursework also fulfills the necessary requirements for American Board of Radiology (ABR) or ABR examinations for medical physics candidates. CAMPEP Accredited.

Details, Dates & Deadlines

Program Details

Class Format

Online, Hybrid, Part Time

Program Length

2-3 years

Credits to Complete

18 credits

Cost/Credit Hour

In State: $769
Out of State: $994

  • Online application
  • 75.00 application fee
  • Official transcripts 
  • 300–500 word essay
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Doctoral degree, related work experience

Dates & Deadlines

Application deadline: Please inquire directly about spring, summer and fall program openings.

The Medical Physics Certificate Program consists of 6 courses with a total of 18 core credits. The instruction will primarily occur online and will include both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Students enrolled continuously will enroll for a total of 6 semesters with only ONE course offered in each semester and will be able to complete the program in 24 months. Clinical practicum requires one week on-site attendance each year. 

Program Completion Timeline

  • The degree is designed for completion within 2 years academic years, but students are allowed up to 3 years to complete the program.
  • Participants can start the program in the summer term.

By the end of this program, objectives as directly mentioned by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP)** should be achieved by graduating students. 

  • an understanding of the role of patient safety in the clinical practice of medical physics; 
  • an understanding of how research and inquiry lead to the creation of new knowledge; 
  • the ability to critically evaluate research and scholarship in medical physics; 
  • the competent use of research to pose new questions and to solve problems in research and clinical settings; 
  • the communication and interpersonal skills that are necessary to function in a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment; 
  • the professional attributes and the ethical conduct and actions that are required of medical physicists; and 
  • a valuing of career-long continuing education to keep scientific knowledge and skills current

Program Contacts


Nina Jackson
Admissions Counselor


Naru Lamichhane, PhD
Program Director

Michael MacFarlane, PhD, DABR
Associate Program Director


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