Student Group Funding

Student Funding Award

As per the Constitution and Bylaws of the GSA, any group requesting GSA to commit funds for co-sponsorship of an event must comply with the following policy:

A written request must be sent to the GSA president ( and Treasurer ( which states:

  • The Date, Time, Place, and Nature of the event
  • What measures will be taken to advertise the event to graduate students in all schools on campus
  • An estimate of the amount of money being requested from GSA, how the money will be spent, and an itemized budget for the total event.
  • The identification of funding source(s) of the sponsoring group and the feasibility of the event if GSA does not support the event.
  • A name, telephone number, and address of a contact person
  • Next meeting is on the 8th, send by no later than 5 pm on the 1st.


Italicized: notes about details

(Bold in parenthesis): fill in the blank for your group

Please send no less than 1 week before the general body meeting, in order to be on the agenda. (i.e. by 5 pm 8 days out from the General body meeting)

 Present for funding at the general body meeting:

  • Have a GSA member as a GSA contact. One of the contact people will be placed on the agenda by the GSA Secretary for an upcoming GSA meeting.
  • The contact person must present the funding request at the general body meeting along with details and field questions from the GSA body.
  • After the presentation and questions, a motion to fund the group for the amount deemed appropriate by the GSA must be passed.
    • Motions to approve may come with stipulations from the general body that should be followed and documented when sending in receipts for funding.



Slide 1. Group Name/ Event Name/ Event Date/ Presenter Name

Slide 2. A brief summary of Group activities, explain the benefit to the graduate student population

Slide 3. A description of the event being funded, including Date. time, location, rationale, anticipated attendance (some rationale for the projected numbers)

Slide 4. Requested Amount, Alternative funding source(s), Feasibility without GSA funding

Slide 5. Itemized Budget (See Sample Itemized Budget)



Price Per Unit


Total Amount


Zella’s Pizza




Cheese, pepperoni, Veg:14”





Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke: 2L

Delivery Charge
















Receiving Approved Funding

  • Funding will be done on a reimbursement basis, the GSA can be billed directly for the agreed amount by a supplier ONLY after the event has taken place.
  • Original receipts must be given to the Treasurer, or other Executive Board member, no later than 1 month after the event

After the Event 

  • GSA will require that the group report on the event at the GSA meeting immediately after the event.
  • This may be delivered by a GSA member in attendance at the event.
    • The report should include the relative success of the event and written documentation of the graduate students in attendance.
    • Failure to provide this information will affect future funding requests by the requesting group

GSA Rights

  • GSA reserves the right to deny funding to any group if the request is not considered to benefit the graduate student population.