Upcoming Events on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

May 19, 2021
Last updated February 22, 2022

As graduate students, we must educate ourselves in order to create an environment that is supportive and welcoming to all people, both here at the Graduate School and throughout our careers. While we acknowledge that this is difficult and unending work, one step we can take is to attend workshops and seminars at the University. To make this information easier to find, we have created this permanent column of the Grad Gazette to compile upcoming events broadly related to supporting and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

The following list has been compiled by the GSA; we have tried our best to find all related events, but we acknowledge we may have missed something. Feel free to reach out to Sydney Ashton, GSA Public Relations Officer and editor of the Grad Gazette, at umb.gsa.pro@gmail.com with questions, concerns or info about an event that should be included in this list.

May events:

May 5 @ Noon - 1 PM EST: Microaggressions/Racism Experienced by the AAPI Community
Come discuss the history of Anti-Asian Racism and learn about the Impact of Microaggression on Mental and Physical Health with Crystal Han, M.D. and Angeline Pham, M.D.

May 6 @ 4 - 5:15 PM EST: Tackling Social Isolation fro Marginalized Communities: Learning from the World
This presentation will explore social isolation and the impact it has on health and well-being. Research shows the impact of social isolation greatly affects people who are disadvantaged because of their race, income, locality, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Pre-pandemic efforts to address this health crisis were emerging but as the virus swept the nation, social isolation became a household word and generated an even more profound effect on vulnerable populations.

This engaging and thought-provoking session will deepen understanding of social isolation as a structural issue that impacts health and well-being. Join renowned researchers, award-winning professors, and accomplished authors for a stimulating session to explore how they are learning from the world and implementing strategies to promote social inclusion in their research.

May 11 @ 9 - 10 AM EST: Leading a Diverse and Inclusive Lab
Research teams composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds and life experiences have been shown to be more effective in scientific problem solving and driving discovery and innovation. Enhancing diversity in research teams and programs requires creating an inclusive environment where all members of a lab are supported and valued. During this session panelists will discuss the benefit of managing a lab with diverse members, and best practices for cultivating an inclusive, safe, and supportive environment where all trainees and peers can thrive.


Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, UMSOM

Associate Professor, UMSON, Director, CTSA TL1 Pre- and Postdoctoral Training Program, UMSOM 

Professor, Anatomy & Neurobiology, UMSOM

May 13 @ Noon - 1 PM EST: Mood Gym
Come join in this "fitness" experience designed to help you strengthen your "muscles" for managing stress and overwhelming emotion. Emotional and cognitive exercises to improve your ability to express emotions effectively will be woven throughout this experience. The session allows time to gain skills, briefly practice, and will include take-home packets to help refresh what you learned later on.

May 25 - May 27 @ 9 AM - 1 PM EST: UMB Global Health Summit: Decolonizing Global Health Education
The term "declonoization" has recently become the focus of conversations within global health. Diverse voices worldwide are now calling for a re-examination of assumptions and practices underpinning global health education and practice. 

The UMB Global Health Summit is a direct response to these calls and an opportunity to rethink and reflect on the theories, processes, and methods of global health education. Two high-level, thought-provoking keynote presentations, as well as interprofessional panels of students/trainees, faculty members, and other experts from UMB and UMB's close global partners, will provide the basis for the discussions and reflections aimed at the development of actionable ideas and recommendations for decolonizing global health education

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