Greetings Program Director Inaugural Edition

ISabell May

Greetings Program Director Inaugural Edition

It gives me great pleasure to share our inaugural Science Communication (SciComm) newsletter with you. The SciComm program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) is a 12-credit certificate program that started in fall 2018. Our current cohort of students is the fifth cohort in our program, and I can think of no better way to celebrate out program’s fifth anniversary than by launching this newsletter. We are planning on a bimonthly newsletter for now, but who knows – we might start switching to a monthly rotation soon. 

The newsletter’s purpose is threefold: 

  1. To feature our student and alumni writings and accomplishments in science communication 
  2. To share updates on, developments in, and recent research about science communication with current students, alumni, and anyone else interested in science communication at UMB and beyond 
  3. To build community among students, post-docs, staff, and faculty interests in science communication within UMB and beyond 

I hope that you enjoy this small glimpse into the diverse and multi-layered world of science communication. I am always open for suggestions on featuring specific topics related to science communication in our newsletter. Please use our anonymous feedback form to leave any feedback. 



Isabell C, May, PhD 

Director, UMB SciComm Program #UMBSciComm  

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Greetings Program Director Inaugural Edition - Global Health Systems and Services Online Graduate Certificate Program
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