Online Certificate in Research Ethics

Program Description

The  goal of this 12-credit, six course certificate program is to provide individuals with an understanding of the ethical and regulatory aspects  of human subjects research and to provide them with the skills needed to analyze ethical issues that arise in the conduct of research in domestic and  international arenas.  The Certificate Program will interrelate with the  Fogarty International Center/National Institutes of Health training program that is focused in  the Middle East (MERETI).  The inclusion of these targeted audiences will ensure an interprofessional and global experience for all enrolled students.

Who Can Apply:  Investigators; research coordinators; nurses; individuals from  institutional review boards,  contract research organizations, and pharmaceutical industry; and others involved in research.

Pedagogy:  The exclusive use of distance learning technologies (“anywhere and anytime”) will meet the needs of worldwide professionals who may have  few opportunities to enroll in an on-site program.

Program Completion Timeline:  All six courses will be offered throughout the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters to enable  individuals to  complete the program within an academic year.   However, since all courses stand alone (i.e., are not dependent on each other), one may  take these courses in any order and at their own pace and hence,  take more than a year to complete the program.

For course descriptions, and to download syllabi, please see the Course Descriptions page.