Travel Fellowship Award

To encourage student participation in professional societies and scientific meetings, the Graduate Student Association provides travel fellowships. The purpose of these fellowships is to aid students who otherwise would be unable to attend the meeting without incurring financial hardship. Due to the limited supply of funds, only students who present papers or posters are eligible for reimbursement. In addition, a student may receive only one fellowship per academic year (July through June, see below).

Because of the numbers of applications received by the GSA, an award is not guaranteed and the amount of the award may vary. While the maximum award is $250, in most cases the award will be less. If a student has other sources of funding, it will not preclude receiving aid from the GSA, but the GSA recommends not depending on their support, if possible.

The application must be completely filled out and signed by the appropriate authorities. Any incomplete or unsigned applications will be returned. Since the fellowship is intended to support students who will experience financial hardship by attending a meeting, expenses such as food, lodging, transportation to and from the meeting, and registration fees are reimbursable. Rental cars, except in rare cases, are generally not considered necessary for attendance at a scientific meeting. The GSA reserves the right to award fellowships as it deems necessary. All decisions are final.

Completed applications may be submitted to the GSA Office (SMC Campus Center, Room 318) or to GSA representatives.

Submission Deadlines

If you travel by:

Submit your application by:

1st Quarter: July, August, and September

Oct. 15

2nd Quarter: October, November, and December

Jan. 15

3rd Quarter: January, February, and March

April 15

4th Quarter: April, May, and June

July 15

Download the Application*

* To view, download, or print this five-page portable document format file, you may need to obtain a free copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader from the Web.