Graduate Student Research Grant

The $1,000 research grant allows graduate students to complete master's thesis or doctoral dissertation work when laboratory funds are in jeopardy or nonexistent. The grant is for research supplies, as defined by the university, for the awardee. It is not for use for equipment, salaries, books, travel costs, or anything that falls out of the realm of research supplies essential for the student to which the grant is awarded. The GSA bases the award on professional financial need and merit after a committee composed of three students and two faculty members review applications.

Scoring Criteria for the GSA Research Grant*

Submission Deadline

The completed application and research description must be returned to the GSA office (SMC Campus Center, Room 318) by May 15.  Please have a member of Student Services (Suite 302) date stamp your application before you submit it.

Download the Application

* To view, download, or print this portable document format file, you may need to obtain a free copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader from the Web.